We have learned that Social Media Marketing is successful when you are posting relevant updates, have real-time interactions with your online audience and invest in Facebook Advertising. This includes listening to multiple social channels, analyzing and assigning a sentiment value and deciding the correct course of action. However, who in your store has time to dedicate for all of that?

Today’s social audience is experienced in determining the authenticity of every message or story that you post. They have adverse reactions to a steady stream of advertisments in your Facebook newsfeed promoting your business. Car Dealers need to implement a blend of social posts and formulate a strategy based on the brand, store, location, existing fanbase and more. We have a proven foundational recipe that has been successful that incorporated ad style posts, humor, videos, customer pictures and service specials.

The #1 reason any person Likes a dealer's Facebook Page is that they feel like they will get inside information and better service specials. How often does your store use Facebook's Offers to provide great service specials for their fans only? Don't you want your Fans to feel like they're on the inside loop?


It is more critical than ever to embrace and implement a ‘No Shortcuts’ approach which most large social companies are unwilling to do. This entails crafting unique social posts and ad campaigns for each client where we include trackable short URLs, Recapture Technology and meaningfun hashtags for maximum reach and engagement. The first step is getting a local prospect to your social channel then we convert them quickly to a deep-link click within your primary website or a tracking phone number.


We are a small business delivering huge results for every client because we act as the business owner of every client we partner with. We think this creates a huge gap between how we do business compared to everyone else.


Another very important area that RepairRep is critically focused has to do with RESPONSE TIME. This is a rapidly developing trend within the social arena wherein online consumers expect quick responses when posting to a business' social site whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. The expectations amongst online consumers are that a company or business should respond to their post, private message, direct tweet, comment and more within minutes to a couple of hours during normal business hours. The expectations today are similar to what customers expect when they leave a voicemail message on your business phone. Our clients are achieving response times as quick as 3 minutes in many cases with a few recent platform updates on the RepairRep side along with the great responsiveness of the dealer staff who respond to RepairRep's questions and requests quickly and professionally. This is becoming a real path for real leads in near real-time.



✓ Convert social visits to website visits and phone calls

✓ Incorporate our Re-Capture Technology so you stya in front of your social prospects

✓ Interact directly with customers and grow your local audience
✓ Discover, curate and publish unique content to engage with your social community
✓ Respond to customers on your multiple social networks for customer support and lead generation
✓ Protect your brand and social identity with powerful unstructured Mention searches

Your business should also be taking advantage of Facebook Advertising. Facebook has made many changed to their News Feed. The result for businesses is that only 2% - 4% of your engaging social posts are ever being seen by your own Facebook Fans. You’ve spent a lot of time and money building your Facebook Fan-Base and now very few of those fans will ever see what you are sharing. Facebook has a solution. Facebook Advertising. Much like Google entered into paid advertising on their search engine (PPC) years ago, Facebook now makes businesses pay to be seen.